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    I recently just got my PSP and I won't actually be able to use it until Christmas. I want to learn all I can know about PSP's so when I can use it I'm all ready to go.

    I have the new Darth Vader Silk Screen Ceramic White PSP, which is the SWBF Renegade Squadron limited edition version. Got it for $200 at Circuit City.

    Anyway I hope I'm welcome here and that I make a few friends.
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    welcome and just ask your question and im sure one of our best PSP modder here will be able to help you out..
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    the most important thing u can do is NOT update the firmware. aslo, read every guide we have in the guides section
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    yup and welcome to pspmod
    PSP History-->3.71-->3.72-->3.71m33-33-->3.71m33-4-->3.80m33-5 back to 3.71m33-3
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