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    uhhh, pretty good over here. I picked up a star wars battlefield version of the psp a couple of days ago. I like it a lot. I didnt pick up any games for it yet tho, or any i am just learning still about what can be done with it. I have wifi in my house so i have already figured out how to use the browser and play battlefield online. It is a lots of fun. But I am not sure quite yet what I want to do next with it. I made up a xmas list already for it

    1. 8 gig psp memory stick.
    2. Carrying case
    3. Need for Speed Most Wanted
    4. Hack Your PSP the book
    5. 2006 World Poker Tour
    6. Super Bad UMD

    (this was in no order btw. Oh, and I heard that people where getting bad 8 gig memory sticks on ebay...which let me down since they where only 65 bucks buy it now.)

    Anyways...I have wanted a psp for a long time. I was actually looking at trying to get a used one for cheap, but all the ones I saw on ebay and on various forums where going for close to retail, so i decided I was better off buying a new one and going from there. I am not sure what I want do with it next as far as firmwares and what i am going to start searching so i dont get flamed for being a noob. Anyways...if you have read this far, thanks. And if you have any tips for what I should get, or stay away from, double thanks!
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    From what I know, it is not a good idea to buy memory sticks from eBay, because they can be fake. I get all my memory sticks from local stores, like Staples, because they have good deals on them from time to time.

    So of the games I would suggest are Medal of Honor (both 1 or 2 are good) and the Burnout series. Also GTA is quite good. Some games I don't like are Hot Juice Racing and Call of Duty. Those are just of top of my head though.

    I sometimes review different PSP games and stuff in my blog, so you might want to check it out. The link is in my signature.
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    hello and welcome, get a vairiety of games, you can never be to shur on whats the best choice
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    Welcome to pspmod. If you are going to get something to hold your psp. Try and get the softpuch. It offers great protection, looks nice, and will still fit in your pocket unless you wear tight jeans. I also do not recommend getting that stupid book. Well I am not sure if it is stupid but I know it doesn't have any information that this sight does not have. Tight jeans FTL!
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    Thanks guys. My brother wants to get a psp really bad now to so we can play each other at battlefield, and a couple of other games. We used to lan over our computers...but we kind of got bored with it.
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    Welcom to the site!!!!
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