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    What's up, everyone? I kinda shoulda posted here first, but I got carried away. I am 16 years old, and love my PSP (of course). My heart is divided between the wonderful companies of Sony and Nintendo. The Xbox is OK, but... bleah. Sony and Nintendo are better (but my nephew snapped my freakin' DS in half! I gotta buy a new one now).
    Feel free to send me PSPMod Private Messages, and I will try to keep posting on the site. I get kinda busy sometimes but I'll do my best!

    There's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
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    Version needed: 1.00
    Players: 1-2
    Wi-Fi Compatible: Ad Hoc

    From the creator of Rez and Space Channel 5 comes Lumines; an alluring puzzle game similar to the legendary puzzle game Tetris, where instead of making lines, you make squares. Lumines, pronounced “Loo-min-ez”, is very stylish, and one of the most addictive games from the PSP launch.

    First impressions will make you think it’s just a slightly different version of Tetris; it has a similar concept and layout, and the object of the game is the same, but once you played for about five minutes you start to notice the things that make it unique.

    There are two colours to work with and you get blocks made up of four little squares. Each square has to be made up of the same colour, using at least four little blocks, and can be built up to make huge rectangles and other squares. As you make each square, it doesn’t disappear straightaway; a line known as the ‘timeline’ moves across the screen to clear the squares that you’ve made. In the meantime you can add to these squares to make bigger combos and score higher points before it gets cleared away.

    It’s great when you reach the next level and the colours of the squares change along with the background. There’s a very brief pause when you’ve just moved onto the next skin, which gives you a chance to quickly adapt to the new background and the colour change of the blocks.

    The wider playing field can be used to your advantage. If you’re used to playing Tetris you’ll try and stick to a small area in the middle of the screen before realising the PSP’s widescreen gives you freedom to spread out.

    Challenge mode is very addictive; trying to unlock new skins can be quite a tough challenge, and will take a lot of practice before you’re able to start hitting the higher levels. Skin mode allows you to play using your favourite skins that you’ve unlocked. It’s more of a high score challenge, with the ability to use your preferred background and music. Time attack mode is similar but with three different time settings for you to achieve a high score, and without the choice of skins. One of the best features of the game is puzzle mode, which is fairly easy to begin with, then, after one or two puzzles, becomes increasingly difficult. Trying to make shapes out of multicoloured blocks is harder than it looks, and can be very addictive.

    It can get a little boring after playing the same challenge mode for over half an hour. The music starts to get repetitive, then the game starts to feel the same way, and although your aiming to get a high score it can be a little tedious doing the same thing over and over again. But, strangely, if you try and take a little break from it, you want to continue making those squares and create huge combos. So you’re back and ready for more.

    When there’s none of your mates to around to challenge you to two-player mode, going against the CPU is a fine replacement for you to practise on. More music and skins can be unlocked through versus CPU mode, as well as new character icons from the challengers that you beat. But, with versus CPU mode you can’t continue from where you lost or retry once you’ve lost; you have to start from the beginning, making it harder for you to acquire new backgrounds in this mode.

    There are a few skins that are really distracting. One skin that constantly changes to random images and when you’re trying to concentrate on what you’re doing it can really throw you off, but the game’s captivation keeps you from giving up on it and after a while you can get used to it. Not all skins are like this; there are tons of backgrounds that are really aesthetically pleasing and have corresponding music and sound effects.

    There is a good range of gameplay to choose from, from traditional modes of play that you’d expect to see in a puzzle game to original modes that add variety. Lumines is a very simple puzzle game, with entrancing music and sound effects to add to its appeal. It may not be completely original, but it is a great twist on a classic.

    Overall: 87%

    Posted on 10/10/06 by Steph
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