Thread: 1.5 kernel on slim, WHY NOT????

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  1. #1 1.5 kernel on slim, WHY NOT???? 
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    ok, its a noob question probabally, but i dont have an answer, so im askin, ok?

    the 1.5 kernel... lets you play fw 1.5 based apps/games/homebrew, it doesnt work good on the slim because of the slim's 66 mb of memory...


    isnt there a way to make it work? even limited functionality? i think its kinda weird... and i would like to try some 1.5 stuff, and eloader isnt doin it for me...

    can someone clear this up for me?
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    well dark_alex is working on the "time machine" for the slim which does the same thing as the 1.5 kernel. just wait till that comes out
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    It has nothing to due with the fact that the slim has 64mbs of ram instead of 34. It is sonys go write them a nasty
    CFW 3.90 M33-2 Star Wars Renegade Squadron Slim

    3.xx Emulator Pack for Slim
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    sony are wankas
    and welcome to pspmod
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    in time machene to get 1.5 on the slim u have to get some 3.40 moduals so i think someone could make a 1.5 kerna with 3.40 moduals but i dont make homebrew so idk
    PSP cfw 4.01 4gb card filled up with so much homebrew it has 100 mb left
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