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    Hi everyone
    I just got myself a PSP slim, system software version 3.71, last week. I'm new with the psp and i kinda need some help. I heard you can watch video and play iso games but i have to modified it.
    so my question are:
    1. is modifying the psp dangerous?
    2. if it isn't dangerous, what do i need to do to be able to play iso games and watch anime
    3. after modifying the psp, is there anything i can't do?
    4. how cool is it to have a psp?

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    hi and welcome - i will try to answer your questions:

    1) It isn't dangerous as long as you follow all the guides correctly
    2) You need to make something called a Pandora's battery - this downgrades and installs custom firmware allowing you to play ISO's etc - follow this guide here:
    3) There are things you can't do obviously like feeding a lion or something, but the advantages of custom firmware are that you can play ISO's, play homebrew and add custom themes and stuff
    4) It is very cool to have a PSP - even cooler when a friend finds out that you are playing your games from the memory stick rather than a UMD

    Hope this helps
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    i can only imagine you making halo references during sex lol

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    lol all questions ansered so welcome to pspmod
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    Welcome to!!!
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    the best thing about having a psp:

    you customize it.....

    next time someone tries to brag about a new game just show them some sweet homebrew application

    easy way to make money (putting cfw on their psp's if you didnt understand that part)
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