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    Hi guys

    Im new to the site and psp's in general. Im going to be buying a psp in the next few days but didnt know which one to buy? I went onto ebay to buy one but got a bit confused with all these firmware codes!

    I was thinking between the DS lite or the PSP but love the look and control of the PSP, but was wondering if i could get all the nintendo games on the psp?

    Which firmware version psp should i go for? As id be using it for emulated games and putting some on the memory card, i also want to be able to fit a 8GB card.

    All help would be much appreciated!!

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    let me be first to say howdy and to answer some of your questions, i have both a ds and a psp, both of them are homebrew enabled. the ds tends to be entertaining because of the use of the stylus , however whenever your in a car or on a plane they are more annoying because you can be bumped and the stylus can screw you up. The psp is more usefull becaues you can upload more movies and music on your memory stick. The ds has a limit to a 2gb micro sd card. As far as the psp goes do you have any friends or family members that have Custom FirmWare on their psps? if so then you dont need to really worry about what psp you buy because you can use what we call pandora's battery to downgrade you to custom firmware. there is a fix that enables you to use the 8gb mms.

    hope this helps

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    hello and welcome to pspmod
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    Hey, welcome to pspmod

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkheart13
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    welcome to the site
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