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    I just bought a psp last weekend and I realized that I wanted to use a CFW. I have been using google and reading forums for about 10 hours now, and I think I have almost figured this shit out. I have come to the conclusion that I need a Pandora battery for my psp slim, I just purchased one off when it gets here I plan on using the download form this forum thread "" and following the directions to make my "magicms". Once I do that all I need to do is downgrade back to 1.50 ofw and install my m33 file. Then I should be able to upgrade back to 3.90m33. Am I correct in this? If not could someone pleease point me to a forum that details all the steps I need to follow. All the information that I have gathered has been from bits and pieces that I have gotten from here and there. Thank you very much for your time ...
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    you got it in the bag. but dont talk about downloading games on this forum, cuz thats piracy
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    thanks bro, I just wanted to make sure before I fubar'ed my psp
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