Hi, Im grim. Ive left a couple threads cause of problems ive had but i thought id introduce myself. I have a psp phat with CFW and just got a psp slim with 3.80 official. Im trying to get CFW but im having a hard time hehe. I have someone who could probably do it for me but i want to do it myself in case he's not always available. I tried hard modding a battery first. WoW i messed that up. Did you know if you push too hard you can cut through that silver battery thing in there and there will be a spark and smoke and your room will stink all night? Well i do now Luckily i have 2 more batteries. One slim, one new official sony. Tried soft modding the battery and i think that worked, but still didnt work. Dont know if its the magic stick since i have vista and havent had luck getting it to work. Dont want to go into detail since this is an introduction. So Hi! I hope my screw ups can help others and hope you guys can help me too.