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    Okay im going to be buying a psp very soon here but ive got some questions many thanks to anyone who can answer all of them :]

    okie dokie lets start off with

    Q: What does bricked mean and how does your psp become bricked

    Q: Which is the best psp to get(i was thinking of getting the fat piano black)

    Q: What is the best tutorial to use to customize my firmware

    Q: do i need two batteries to hack my firmware i am very confused on what pandoras battery is

    Q: I will be buying a new memory card how big is suggested?
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    hi and welcome to pspmod - I will try and answer all your questions:

    1) Bricked means when you PSP becomes useless - i.e. it has turned into a brick - this occurs when messing with the PSP's flash or turning the PSP off in the middle of a firmware upgrade

    2) It is really your opinion - I got a slim and loving it - much better than the fat imo cos of how much lighter it is - also as the ability of skype (fat can't)

    3) We need to know what firmware you are on first - if you are lower than 3.50 use Lumines (if you are on 3.50) to downgrade or GTA LCS (if you are on 3.03) to downgrade - if you are higher than 3.50 then you need to use a Pandoras battery - follow this guide here to make one -
    Click on here to see how to install custom firmware -
    And if you are lower than 3.50, check here on how to downgrade -

    4) It is better to have two batteries - this is because:
    You either want to keep the battery as a permanent pandoras battery in case you ever brick, or you mess up the battery - i would always advise people to get 2 batteries just in case

    5) Well 8 GB is now supported by cfw so I would say go with that one

    Hope I helped - any more questions feel free to ask
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    Thank you
    if i have any more questions ill ask
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