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    [SIZE=7]what and where is this????what are homebrew and 1.5 firm ware..i love my psp and WANT IT TO B AS GREAT AS POSIABLE....SO DO I NEED THESE THINGS? AND IF SO CAN SOME ONE GIVE ME A IDEA ON WHAT I NEED TO DO....
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    If you don't understand them you probably don't need them, but welcome to the nuthouse anyway.
    Man, we've come a long way since Pong and tape drives. I was there in 80 and all I got was this videogame addiction!
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    Title : Exit 2 Demo
    Size : 7.94mb

    A demo of the game "Exit 2", requires firmwares 2.80 and above.

    This is a Japanese demo.

    This demo is in Japanese, but not too hard to get used to if you play around with it a bit.

    To play the demo on your PSP:

    -Download this folder
    -Extract this folder and open the "Exit 2" folder
    -Drag the "ULJM05161" folder into your /PSP/GAME directory
    -Disconnect your PSP from the computer
    -Begin playing!

    To download go to
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