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    Hey there,

    Such a great forum this is. Thanks for all the info. So I bought a brand new psp slim, silver - the daxter deal, and had it for about 30mins before I was prying the battery apart. Which is WAY easier than it sounds by the way. I'm using 3.90 m33-2 right now. This forum got me there. Thank you.

    So whats the deal? when I play an mp3 with irshell, or a video with pimpstreamer, it is skipping and stopping more often than not. Now I can understand videos not playing smooth, but am I wrong thinking that an mp3 should play normally over wifi?

    One last thing, I see alot of people sticking with older fw. What are the benefits or set backs of 3.90 m33-2. Why whould I want older fw. Thanks glad this place is here.
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    with a slim, you should never want/need an older cfw. the benefit is A) personal preference, B) homebrew works on older cfw pre 3.xx cfw. with Time Machine from dark alex the 1.5 kernel(old cfw kernel) is enabled on the newer firmwares (3.xx+). so essentially, old cfw is obsolete with slims now that time machine is available for newer cfw. read up on time machine to enable more homebrew on your slim. i havent tackled time machine yet, but i have had ZERO problems with 3.90m33-2 so far.

    sorry, not sure about your mp3 over wifi problem. do you have a slow connection?
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    I need to see whats up with the time machine, haven't sat down to it yet. I really have no problems with 3.90 m33-2. I can run all the emulators, with the exception of cp1/cp2/mvs. they play but its pretty slow. All in all it rules my gf's ds. Its kept me busy for a few weeks.

    The wifi is 802.11b/g so who knows. I'll try some other settings and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.
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    Welcome to pspMod m8
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