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    Hello everyone!

    I'm very impressed with this site. I'm from Newfoundland Canada. I just got a pspslim for Christmas. My friends ask me why i got toys for Christmas when i'm 27 yrs old, but the psp is much more than a toy.

    I came across this site when looking for a tutorial on modding my psp. My psp is the first psp i ever touched, and within 48 hours of receiving it, i have it modded, awesome!

    I have a psp slim (daxter pack) and an 8gb memory stick. When i modded it, i made a pandoras battery out of the slim battery, then reverted the battery after. And made a MMS out of the stock memory stick.
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    hi and good job - at least someone knows how to mod without posting threads which have been posted thousands of times before

    Welcome mate
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    i can only imagine you making halo references during sex lol

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    welcome dude and congrats on makin it

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    Welcome to pspmod m8
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    welcome to pspmod
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