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    Hi everyone, Just got a PSP today my GF surprised me with it I have the new PSP slim now. Reading up on all the mod's I can do to it I want to be able to maximize this thing anyone have a link I should be reading? thanks in advance
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    157 Link to the guides section. everything you need to know basically.

    In a nut shell to help you understand the lingo:

    Pandora battery: special battery required to place the psp in boot mode(syn: downgrade, pandora, service mode). it'll instruct the psp to boot from the memory card (magic memory card). the only way to mod an official firmware(OFW) psp.

    Magic memory stick(mms): mem card (atleast 256mb not more than 4gb) that has been coded with special custom firmware(cfw) that will install on the psp.

    CFW: custom firmware. firmware that has been hacked from its original sony version to enable all the things sony doesnt want us to have, playing iso's from the mem card, loading custom made apps(homebrew) etc.

    read up and you'll catch on in no time.
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    Awesome tyfm the lingo was getting kinda overwhelming.
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