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    Figured I'd at least poke my head in here and say SOMETHING rather than to be a lurker until I decide to give up completely on my PSP and sell it lol.

    I'm not too familiar with forum etiquette either. And if I ever sound unaffected by any negative replies I get for any posts on here, it's because I simply don't care =)

    That said, I have spent hours upon hours reading various forums, blogs, and watching youtube videos trying to figure out how I can mod my PSP with no success whatsoever.
    The most frusterating part of all is that I'm no dummy, it's just that there are q2304713047 versions scattered across the net and most of the walk-throughs were typed by 12 year olds (im assuming, i could be wrong). Anyway, I threw away the receipt for the PSP so I can't get my money back, and if I can't figure out how to upgrade downgrade modify or whatever else... I'm liable to throw the damn thing off my balcony. lollll
    sorry it's been a tough day and I needed to vent.

    You might see more of me.. then again maybe not.

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    welcome to the forum. as for etiqutte, dont double post, dont flame, use the search button, dont ask dumb questions, and be specific with your question. and check the guides section for pandora/mms. theyre pretty easy to follow
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