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    Just picked up a slim PSP, running firmware 3.80 (also picked up God of War for PSP) which upgraded the machine.

    I'm not much into modding yet other than wallpapers, and frankly I am not even sure creating my own wallpapers is considered modding, but, it's what I like to do on the machine so far. I run a psp wallpaper site, but the rules say to not post links, so I won't

    I tend to like action games such as God of War, Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty - stuff like that, but am also a baseball fan and am going to pick up MLB 08 the show next payday.

    I think the idea of having a GPS for the PSP is great - anyone know any details on it? I googled it but am not having much luck finding anything on it.

    Anyway, looks like this is a pretty sweet place to discuss PSP, so I thought I'd sign up.

    Looking forward to meeting/discussing with you all.
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    welcome to pspmod. this is a great place. you will learn a hell of a lot
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