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    What's good all. So Im new to the site starting today. And I sold my psp I had at launch which was that limited spiderman 2 value pack bundle. And I actually found a sealed one in the box on ebay I just bought and Im waiting to come in the mail. I just so happened to over hear a couple weeks ago about modding on a psp and how easy it is and all that.

    Now I also found my way onto this site and wanted to know how I have to go about this. I read about Pandora's Battery and what not. So how does this go down and what exactly does it do besides playing rom games if so and software use?

    Can anyone fill me in with making me feel like a noob on Gears of war or something like that, which for the record, im not ahahah! thanks in advance!
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    mate, to put a cfw on ur psp u first need a pandoras battery( there are heaps of guides at pspmod, to show u how to make the jigkick battery and the magic memory stick) if the psp u baught is has 3.51 or less ofw, then u can use other methods to downgarde ur psp ( namely a luminies or gta vice city patch)

    but i would recomend using the pandoras battery, it prctically straight forward.
    hope that helped

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    yikes, yeah Ive gone thru alot of them, seem straight forward but at the same time complicated! Thanks for the advice tho!
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    welcome to mod.

    what is your firmware?
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    welcome to pspmod
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    welcome mate
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