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    Hey everyone I'm Aperos.

    Obviously, I am new to these forums so I would just like to say hello to everyone.

    But also I am gonna start my first post with a question I guess and that is...
    I don't own a psp but I am getting one soon and I don't know if I am getting confused by information but which psp is better to have....The other day I held a psp slim and it felt loose in my hands it didnt have the grip in the back. Also, unless I am mistaken, from the info it sounds like the older psp is easier to mod/flash. Can anyone recommend or give some info on which psp is better for what and so forth.

    Thanks in advance....I cant wait to get my psp.
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    both are pretty much equally easy to install custom firmware on. but with fat psps u have more options on downgrading, but its all based on firmware. personally i would go for a fat psp cuz i dont like the way the slim is up with the upside down memory stick slot?
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    welcome to pspmod, and hello to you too.
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    welcome to pspmod mate
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    welcome to the site
    Quote Originally Posted by julie View Post
    i can only imagine you making halo references during sex lol

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    welcome to pspmod

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