Thread: Hey sorry i need help bad! red xmb screen

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  1. #1 Hey sorry i need help bad! red xmb screen 
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    helpppp what do i do? i installed cfw and when i turn it on i get stuck at a red xmb with no icons or it broke ? or what can i do to fix it
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    wrong section mate.
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    i thought electro, helped you?
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    move de post mate

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    You could at least help him, and maybe one of the mods will move it into the correct section later, instead of adding to your post count...

    Rockenn8: i think you might have a semi-brick if no icons are showing. Re-install your flash0 backup and see if that works, if you just installed cfw and it went to a red screen straight away then id try reinstalling cfw.
    Ive never had this happen to me...

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    You had a custom theme installed when you upgraded the firmware. You will need to go in to the xmb custom settings and set your theme to the default. If you can't see anything, you will need another psp. Turn them both on and use one as a counter to move the cursor and get to the settings on the other one blind.

    your welcome, wrong thread of not.

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