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    Hello all. First off, I joined this site initially so I can grab that big "The file you need", and I chose a junk name.... just being a shameless leech, you know?

    But, after reading the tutorials, and looking at the overall site in general, I think this place is fantastic, and I would like to contribute in some way or another.

    Because of this site, I finally got CFW on my system, and I am loving it. I have 3.80 M33 installed and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Hercules, Catb50, and many others who posted tricks and tips.

    In any case, if there is anyone who lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and would like some help installing CFW on their PSP SLIM (only SLIM), I can help you with that matter. That's all about what I know though. Over time, I will absorb more from this site and from personal trials, etc. I can even drive you over to Costco to buy a Sandisk 4GB Memory stick or something if you don't have a Costco Membership.

    So , with that said -- Wonderful thing this forum, and it's community.

    I got Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on my memory stick now, and the loading difference between UMD and memory stick is just unreal.


    ((Can I get a different username? ;o( ))
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    hi mate and welcome
    Has to be the longest introduction ever but I am really glad everything is ok for you, and you seem like a really nice guy

    So welcome
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    i can only imagine you making halo references during sex lol

    "oh god... the flood is coming... ahhhhhhh"

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    wow, welcome to mod mate.
    PSP 1000 => 6.39 ME 9.1
    PSP 2000 => 6.39 ME 9.1
    PSP 3000 => 5.50 GEN-C

    27/06/2008 12:58 PM DarkFoxSniper
    PS3 is Sony's baby..what do you expect...PSP is like..their bastard child
    15/03/2008 12:18 PM valledor03
    i thought electro, helped you?
    15/03/2008 12:19 PM jonesy1181
    he told me to suck his balls
    thanks to:
    dark alex

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