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  1. #1 hello everyone from deep south texas 
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    hello everyone well like alot of people i started reading some of the threads befoer i got my psp well cuz my cousin got me into the psp and tahts what made me want to buy one now i own my own. Has the 1gig and the only game i have is Need For Speed MOST WANTED. cool game. well i guess ill go check out some more threads im tryin to get the exorcism of emily rose onto my psp i got the programs but dont really konw what to do well if you have yahoo just IM me im on everytime im on the net.
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    LOL welcom to the forums dude and wat kind og help did u need u didnt specify u just said u neded help
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    well i read the tutorial on how to put movies on the psp i have the programs 3gp converter DVD Decrypter and the Gordian Knot i have the movie on my hard drive already i just dont know how to put the movie into the psp
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    ok, first of all don't doublepost.......doubleposts are very bad......where are you in texas exactly? I'm in San Antonio....

    Welcome to the forums

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    welcome to the forums!

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