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    Wassup everyone... I'm getting my PSP next week so thougt I'd try and find some good info and this site definitely has it. I've already learned a lot but I still need to do some searching because I don't want to ask something that has already been covered. If I don't find anything I will definitely make a post though.

    I live in Phoenix and am an editor at a local TV station. I have my own Canon XL-2 and a Mac G5 Dual 2.0 with Final Cut Production Suite and all the goodies. Hopefully I can get a nice little side business going so I don't have to do the daily grind anymore.

    Anyway, lunch break's over so back to work...
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    Hello and welcome. Try and get a psp with firmware version 2.0 or lower There is a thread showing how to determine the firmware from the box on this site. You could also convert some of your movies to mpeg4 and play them on the psp... i would like to see more independant release short films for the psp from people in the community
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    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

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    Sup dude wat is it with all these ppl working am i the only bum in the us of a anyways welcom to the site dude hav fun!
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    hey read the stickies and youlll do fine
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    Hey sure you'll do fine here. Once you research through the forums for quite a bit you'll know most everything taht is to know about the PSP!welcome to the forums!

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    look at my thread on version numbers on the box that thread neads to be sticked admin
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