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    Hello, I am a noob at hacking/moding psp's. I have tried to do the work myself but failed to my abilities to do the work. If there are any tips and any help, I would take as much information as I can recieve to do a better work piece with my psp. Doing hacking/moding with psp's is a new hobby that I would like to continue and hopefully get somewhere with. I am a gamer for life and doing this would increase my gaming compasidy. I apreciate those who took their time to read my post, and I look forward to having your tips and helps, and maybe I could help you in return later on down the road.
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    welcome to the mod.
    PSP 1000 => 6.39 ME 9.1
    PSP 2000 => 6.39 ME 9.1
    PSP 3000 => 5.50 GEN-C

    27/06/2008 12:58 PM DarkFoxSniper
    PS3 is Sony's baby..what do you expect...PSP is like..their bastard child
    15/03/2008 12:18 PM valledor03
    i thought electro, helped you?
    15/03/2008 12:19 PM jonesy1181
    he told me to suck his balls
    thanks to:
    dark alex

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