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    Like many people in this forum, I am currently undecided on whether to get a psp or to hold for a couple of months till

    a.) more RPG titles come out ( final fantasy games / other strategic rpgs )
    b.) battery life is improved
    c.) price is lowered

    I have a few questions about the psp / memory stick which can hopefully be answered

    1.) For a 1gb memory stick, on average how many games can be stored?
    2.) How long will it take for the price to drop ( I currently live in Canada and the price is 249.99$ + tax for the
    value bundle.
    3.) When is the Psp version 2 coming out? Is it worth it to wait for it?
    4.) Is it safe to hack the psp by yourself, or should it be taken to a professional?
    5.) Which retailer is the best to buy a psp from? ( futureshop/bestbuy/etc.)

    I know these questions have been answered already, but I hope I can get some answers from this thread

    Thanks a Lot : Rad
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