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    Getting a Beatiful Ceramic White 2.0 PSP (to downgrade of course) and just have a few questions for you guys

    Is it worth it?
    Can I play emualated SNES games over web or at all with decent fps?
    I heard loading times are a pain; is this true?
    Can a 1.5 PSP play online? Is upgrading firmware a must for newer games?
    Can homebrew override this?
    Are there lots of torrents or sites to download "stuff"

    If I'm going to get one, can you list the must have and hot hot hot downloads like apps, games, etc.

    Anything I should be aware of when I get it? Or should do to it? Your replies will be very helpful.

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    Use the search button, and read. All you questions can be answered by reading first.
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    just search on the site to have a look

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    welcome to the forums

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
    "Live life to the fullest"
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    hi, welcome to the forums
    LOOK HERE join now
    Yeah im azn (>,<);;
    i got a version 2.60 psp ($250), 2 x 1 gig memory sticks($free , 1 x 512 mb memory stick($free) , 2 x 32 mb memory stick($free) , GTA Liberty City Stories ($50), Burnout legends ($50), Midnight Club 3($free) , Star Wars Battlefront 2 ($free) . Metal Gear Acid ($free), Total $350, and $420 of $free stuff priceless.

    PS:Willing to test out 2.60 downgraders
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