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    First off what's up? I'm james. I like pie. I like video games. I like vagina.

    Recently i have been looking into buying a PSP with a massive amnt of space for media and games.

    I would like to get the 4gb hdd since it also has extra battery power but it costs almost as much as the PSP itself so I have also been checking the 2gb sticks out.

    What is the difference between roms and isos? Can I play Socom Online without using the disc(by a rom or iso of some sort?).

    Is there a version list or something so that when I buy my psp I can make sure it has 1.5 or 2.0 firmware? How does the firmware thing work? I have read that the firmwares fux up the playing of roms/isos and unsigned code runs best on 1.5 Is this tru?

    Do any of you use xlink kai or xbc for online psp gaming to ermmmm... *test* games

    If i can't play socom online with my downgraded firmware I think I would like to play on xlink. I play xbox on xlink all the time and it's awesome.(If anyone want's to get owned at halo2 on xlink or xbc lemme know xlink is my preferred favorite this is another gaming tunnel with a crappy UI

    I am also very interested in one of those portable 40 gb harddrives that can transfer stuff to my memory card but am not sure if i will use it with the 4gb hdd.

    I have about $470 to spend on a psp package right now. Maybe another $100 soon.

    Are there any disc copiers in the works that allow me to burn umd's or play em w/o an actual disc?

    I am very very interested in the Socom online thing BUT I am also quite interested in getting *test* games since I can only afford to *test* them most of the time. So, i guess my main wonder is can i play online with 1.5 or 2.0 firmware?
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    Hi welcome to the forums, pretty much every questions you asked has been answered numerous times so a lot of people will tell you to read the stickies and search. Anyway I'll try to answer your questions briefly, but use the search feature in the future.

    First off I would go for the 2GB stick instead of the hdd, simply because of the loading times and I have heard that the hdd has some problems with video playback once in a while. Also sony is releasing 4 and 8GB memory sticks soon. A rom is a digital version of an old school game such as NES, SNES Genesis etc. ISO's are virtual copies of UMD's that can be loaded only on 1.0 and 1.5 by using fastloader and UMD Emulator. Some ISOs don't work such as Socom and GTA. Homebrew will only run on 1.5 and 2.0, to run emulators on 2.0 you will need the 2.0 EBOOT loader. There are no UMD copiers. If you want to play socom online you will need to buy the game, also ISOs are illegal so don't ask where to get them.

    Again welcome to the forums and if you have any questions about anything I just mentioned read the stickies and use the search before you ask.
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    search ebay for the 4gg hd you can get it for 120 dollars to 150 dollars, if you buy it from somebody within the United States, the people from the UK and China and stuff are trying to rip us off..
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