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    Ok pretty new to this stuff but willing to learn! Was able to upgrade my 1.51 to 2.0 then downgrade to 1.5. All good so far! Was able to get hold of a "few" .iso's and movies and all is working well with fastloader and UMD emul. Always looking for new ideas an software and willing to share with other members here! ANyone got SOCOM or GTA working for 1.5 yet? Sure there are some threads here but tough to search them all! Thanks!
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    no, those games dont work with 1.5 yet.
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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear you made some progress on your own. Hope you can find all your answers, there is a ton of info here already. Try the search first, I know it can be hard to find stuff sometimes but its there. Give a PM to a senior member for more help or start up a thread if you need to. Good luck to you and hope you stick around.
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    Hey man welcome to the forums.

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    welcome, ya i guess socom doesnt work for 1.5 yet but that would be sweet eh?
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    HI welcome to the forums socom or gta dont work for 1.5 yet because it doesnt support .avc format
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