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    thanks for the warm welcome that you all are sure to give me. i will do my best to be a good poster and not to abuse the forum in any way.

    have lots of fun with your new psp, or you can give it to me......


    open doors but i cant fit through

    every day i eat something new

    come to close and i might eat you

    there's no one else fatter
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    Well hey there..I hope you stay for a long time..And I'm sure i'm not going to be the only one whose going to say this..DONT double post and READ the stickeys..AND search before you post..if you do all of those, trust me you will not be flamed and you will do just FINE here

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
    "Live life to the fullest"
    GAMERTAG: Jrmdb3
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    hey welcome and enjoy your time here, read the stickies!!

    I give my kudos to [nightfox]
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