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    Well im new to the PSP community, ive had a psp for about 2 months now, and ive become very interested in Developing anthign for the psp....i got 2.6 psp, originaly 1.52 and updated before i knew about the homebrew scene....and well rite now i just have web developing skills, (html, css, php, mysql) and im currently learnign c++ and looking forward to being able to contribute sum application in the future...but yeah that just me, just saying hi....
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    Hello and welcome. I guess with the 2.6, your best programming route would be to make a portal in html to run through the browser.

    Hold tight though, because fanjita is working hard and making lots of progress on getting homebrew to 2.01 and above
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    oh boy, yeah ive been keeping up to date with what fanjita has been doing....i have my copy of gta....and ive played the demos, snackman is adictive in my opinion...cant wait to see wut other progress is made... :-D
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    Welcome to the forums man!yea im sure they'll crack on of the frmwares...and you could exect a major upgrade frmware in the next couple of weeks..welcome to the forums once again!!

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    fanjita is actully is working on 2.6 syscalls so maybe in the (near) future 2.6 will play hb. but as of right now if you use the gta xploid you can play almost any hb. he does advise that this is just a beta verson and it's not 100% fail proof.


    For the latest psp hacks you need to check

    For the infortunate ones that have firmware 2.1 or up the solution is here

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