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  1. #1 hi, i have an alternative to psp video 9 
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    hi, just thought id say that to introduce myself.
    anyway, about the title. i was trying to convert some .DAT video files to my psp but psp video 9 couldnt seem to convert them. so i went looking for an alternative. i found this on here there is a program called psp video express, theres also another one called psp movie creator that somebody i know uses but it hasnt worked very well for them. you can basically do everything you can with psp video 9 but it can convert more files. it plays the file through at high speed whilst recording it and then transfers it to your psp. the good thing about this is its ease of use, you can set the video resoloution and sound quality and it will tell you exactly how big the certain file will be. i know video 9 does the same but on this its much simpler. anyway, hi everyone and keep on hackin.
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    Umm dude thats kinda old news but umm welcome 2 the forum and i hope u enjoy your stay here at this forum
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