Ok, first off, i wanted to set this guide to the site up so that all you people
that have just joined can use the site without people getting mad at you.

We have helpfully set up STICKYS, topics that often get asked, these are not
for our benifit, but for yours, and we would like it if you gave your time to reading them

What Firmware do you have? Theres a sticky for it. Here
What motherboard type do you have? Theres a sticky for it. Here

Need a downgrader? (up to 3.03 supported, out of luck for 3.10-3.30 at this time) here is a link to the sticky for that.
Custom Firmware Help Here

Now youve found out, you want roms/isos for that? Check for a list of great sites Here

Step 4. Ok, homebrew down, want to go online? The ultimate tutorial is Here

IONz, matrixsucks, D Rizzle, jrmdb3, julie, justinisloco, psp, and I come under this
We know lots about many things with the site, the way it is run, and most importantly, we know our stuff too.
Unless you REALLY believe that you know something better than us... I think its best to keep quiet.


We respect the rules of the site here, and we do not double post.
A double post is seen by many members as a way of getting your post count up.
Often newer members do not realise that there is an edit button in all of your posts.

While on the subject, I will introduce you to the search button,
wich is located at the top right of all areas of the website.
Go there and look for things before posting.
You do not want moderators on your ass.

no ISO talk, no rom linking or asking for either roms or ISO's
its illegal, because its against copyright,
to keep the site alive for any length of time we have chosen not to allow links to them
sorry rom fans, you will have to go elsewere for your goods.

See the official rules Here.
and the noob guide that most people ignore Here

[IMG] Code has JUST been introduced in this forum, so please do not abuse it.

Anyway. having let you read this. I think the only thing i have left to say is