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    hey everyone at pspmod, my name is terry im 18 yrs old and about to buy my first psp slim =). someone from introduced me to this site and im excited to meet you all.

    I actually have a question also, I tried posting under hardware section but it wouldn't let me make a thread.

    I'm concerned about which psp slim and what else I need to buy so I am able to mod/install cfw on a psp slim in order to play psx/psp .iso's.

    I was under the impression that most of the core slims are new models and have 4.05 fw on them and are unable to be modded? If that's true is it a safer bet to get a limited edition bundle pack?

    Okay so I wanted to make sure I'm buying everything I need to do this.

    psp slim
    pandora battery + 4gb memory stick pro duo
    8gb memory stick pro duo for games
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