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    hello i am (UAF) Death if you like you may call me Death i have a PSP and i have had one since it came out and i love it lol i am just board so i desided to spice it up a bit awhile ago and now i am back for more fun things lol i wish i could do it myself but i am not that good yet lol but till then i will use other ppls things and i thank everyone who makes and helps us stupid ppl lol

    PS if you play Runescape and or FFXI or other games i play lots of different games on PC and PS2 live since i dont have X-Box live at the moment

    PPS :: UAF is am multi gaming clan i am in and have been in since it started out in 2001 so if you play games and would like to meet ppl come and drop us a line at and to get to the forums go to
    I am (UAF) Death leader of UAF FFXI Div and proud member of UAF Runescape Div

    UAF is a mulity gaming clan that plays Runescape as a primary game UAF stands for United Armed Forces

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    welcome, and i hope you read my starters thread.
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Welcome. Hope you get all your psp info needs met, and let us know if you need anything
    Before you post please
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    Welcome to the forums ma man!

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
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