Hello Just registered on this forum and I'm hoping to get some good pointers. I currently own a PS3 and just purchased a PSP to see what all I can do with it. One thing that has caught my attention is running Linux (any flavor) on the PSP but I have a few questions.

Browsing Google and numerous forums, there are quite literally millions of topics regarding Linux and the PSP as far as running it directly on the PSP. I'm a little confused and overwhelmed.

From what I've gathered, I will need to downgrade my PSP from the current version (5.01) to 2.x and possibly run a homebrew firmware? Are there any sites or threads out there that discuss this in detail that, for someone new to the PSP, can understand? I would also like to know how well linux runs on the PSP and which flavor of linux runs best. I've seen, so far, uClinux and Ubuntu and I'm not sure if there are any other versions currently available for the PSP. Is this something worth investigating or at least trying out? The youtube video of Ubuntu on the PSP seemed to take a long time to boot up. I would just like to get the most out of my PSP as possible. I don't play very many games at all but the streaming capabilities of the PS3 to the PSP are rather interesting. I've already watched a couple missed tv episodes from work using my PSP to connect home to my PS3. :P

Again I'm not looking for someone to repost what has already been documented... I'm just looking for someone to point me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated!