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    So i am really getting confused to this modding thing. Each forum i go to is way different, i know that is because each questions is a bit different but in the end i am just a little bit confused. So i bought a psp like two months ago and i have been reading about this homebrew stuff and all these mods but only in forums. It gets pretty confusing from forum to forum. I have a the red god of war psp. It has 5.01 system software. I am really looking to watch youtube and put games on my memory card. I noticed i can download through torrents all diff types of games. From N64 to some PS1 stuff. I also noticed i can create different layouts for the menu's. Any small first time mod suggestions would be great. Thanks!!
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    first suggestion, do not talk about downlaoding ANY games, except hombrew games.
    second, search for guides on the pandora battery nad magis mem stick (mms)

    that will get your system modded with cfy, so ya can do what ya posted bout
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