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  1. #1 Hi my name is.. 
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    I'm a big geek and i love my psp

    haha what more can i say !!

    Waiting for my 2 gb pro duo to get to my house .. grrrr.. 32mb sux!!
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    Welcome to the forums......I need to get me a 2gig as well......even though I'm pretty satisfied with my 1gig

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    welcome to the forums! do not double post!
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    Welcome to the forums and Like IONZ, I'm pretty happy with my 1gig too

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    Looks like the 1 gig is the hot item... got one too Along with a 512Meg and 256Meg and 2 32 Megs Welcome to the forum!
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