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  1. #1 My psp doesnt swin!!! 
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    I not really a ny newbi, but you mighaswell say I am because I dumped my psp halfway in a cup of juice. It doesnt turn on anymore at all. Just throwing it out there just in case anybody knows if there is something that can still be done. Maybe I can take it somewhere or open it up and do something??? Any suggestions will be greatly appreicatied.
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    That sucks. No way that I know of to save it now. If you get it wet, the best thing to do is take out the battery til it dries out and then try and power it up... you should still be able to exchange it with the one year warranty from sony.
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    If it had been water, I'd say take it apart and dry it with a hair dryer, but since it's juice, you now have the sugar factor which will adhere to the insides of the PSP's main board and circuits and that's tough to clean, could try 90% iso and like Drizzle said, see if your warranty still stands by contacting Sony. Best of Luck

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