the reason i subscribe to this site is because everyone here has been really helpfull to me in my trials of getting to 1.50 cfw thank you...going on i havent been able to find a thread to solve my problem..i hardmodded a PB and made a MMS installed 1.50cfw and used to get to 3.52 m33 but i cannot get to 4.01 in the step 3 folder to run on my psp it says (game cannot be started) so i have reflashed back to 1.50cfw becauuse its the only one i can get to run psp is 1001 series and i tried the network update and it dwnloaded some 5.0 fw but i dont know if its cfw or ofw i tried to install it (game cannot be started) im here.

pls if you got some answers or at least something i can research ive gotten this far i know im close to the best cfw for "running emulators" 1.50cfw best or should i goto 5.01....this is my first post on a forum ever so give me tips or something................myspace is gay