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    Hey whats up all!!?? so... i have not been into gaming since N64. I just bought a psp (fat) off CL this past wednesday. i stumbled upon this site and a few others. found that i could make a pandora battery and a mms. i hard modded my battery and created a mms (a miracle). i now have 401m33-2. im not even sure what that mean. alot of the lingo on here is so foreign!! what have i got myself into!!!? lmao~

    are there any experienced member that are willing to lend a hand to noob???
    im not sure where to go with it from here. homebrews? apps? how to's?? i have no clue. ive found all kinds of downloads but not sure how to get it from my pc to psp and then how to run it lol...

    hope u ppl will help... thanx

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    Most homebrew will come with a readme.txt Notepad file, you read this... The homebrew usually will go in the "GAME" folder on your Memory stick. And if you haven't found out already, you use either a USB cable, or a Memory stick Card reader to transfer data.
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    good places to check out are the guides and downloads sections here. good stuff.
    pandora battery? magic memory stick? get started here.

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    hey... thanx guys for replying. i honestly didnt expect to get one reply lol. im coming along tho. Ive learned how to install emus and iso/cso. im assuming this is basic...
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