So sorry, I've already posted 2 threads without introducing myself - what a shame, please excuse me.

I'm quite a noob, and a new PSP owner who comes from France. Yes I'm a french man, and as I left school for yeeeears, please indulge with my English.

So, I'm in big trouble with my PSP Slim cuz I'm afraid it's properly unhackable because of thi M**^f;k** MOBO TA 88 or sumthing.

Guess I'm damn unlucky

I read several threads and discussions in that forum and, yes, for the moment I think it's the best one for PSP. I faved it.

So I hope I will manage to hack my PSP so that I can stay in this forum, for one day manage to help other people back (ouch ! I'm not sure you understood this sentence - anyway )

So I posted a thread in the "hardware" section in "PSP mods and hacks".

Cheers everybody