Thread: just wanted to say hey!!i got my first psp!

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  1. #1 just wanted to say hey!!i got my first psp! 
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    well i got my first psp yesterday!!
    i got a FAT psp and it has F/W 4.01..
    my lil bro gave it to me he said get it modded and you'll
    never put it down..
    so now i got to fig out how to mod my psp ??
    well just wanted to say hi and i'm a newbe to the psp..
    any help will be welcome...pls go easy on me i really don't know
    what to do..
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    Well 1st...

    Welcome to PSPMOD ! ! !

    Second you need to get a Pandora's battery, I made mine...I wouldn't try that maybe do you have a friend that has a modded psp & you can use his psp & make your own or you can try to hard mod it which I dont recommend...

    Lastly you can buy them, ebay or w/e google... Lol..

    Good luck to joing the curve..
    Quote Originally Posted by Switchblades View Post
    You all shut the f*ck up.
    Gadget is trying to do something useful the community. Information is better than no information.
    If you didn't want to read his thread, THEN DON'T CLICK ON IT.
    Leave him alone you f*cking cynics.
    Thanks to DarkFoxSniper, for understanding what I am trying to do here...
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    hey thanks for the info..
    i found a battery org.FAT one and got it for 10 bucks and did the pandora mod on it..(took off the 4 pin)
    and my friend has a modded FAT psp cfw 5.00 m-33 also (but he paid someone to do it for him)..
    now we are just trying to fig out how to mod mine..
    we keep reading about the magic stick..
    how can i mod my FAT psp with his modded FAT psp??
    also can i charge the pandora battery in my psp after i mod it??
    sorry for all the questions,,
    just want to do it right..
    is there a place i can just read on here so i don't piss anyone off on here..
    sorry everyone if i pissed anyone off..
    i read the QUOTE from above..
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    Welcome to pspmod...

    If you want to mod your psp you can buy a datel tool battery from Codejunkies - Cheat Codes for PS2, X-box & Gamecube
    then make a mms
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    Hey rich, first of all welcome. I'm new here too and I found everything I need on here.
    I haven't used a pandoras battery (luckily the psp I just bought had 1.5 on it, but if you use the search function or tutorial section you should find just what you are looking for.
    As for the second question, I believe that some homebrew called timemachine (I think) lets you use your pandoras batt as a regular one but I believe you can just reconvert your batt to a regular one by reattaching one of the pins, but I'm not so sure (but it should be detailed in a good guide for pandoras battery anyway). Hope to see you soon on 5.00 m33-3, I love it so far.
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