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    Hey everyone glad to be here!!!
    I just bought my first PSP(actually bought it for my son).
    Its an old 1001 model, couldnt afford a new one! I have been playing with it, its going to be a Christmas present, and found this Website on internet. I didnt know there could be this much modding. All I did sofar is update the System software to 5.02, and media manager 3.0.
    If someone could lead me in the right direction, as in whats the best modding firmware, and or CFW.
    Also is there any good software to convert itunes music or videos to work on PSP?
    thanks a bunch
    I should be able to do this I have done modding on motorolas(razr phones)
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    Hello and welcome,

    ah a 1001 (fat), cool I still got mine. hmm, well since your on 5.02 your
    gonna need a Pandora (Battery and Memcard) to put custom firmware on it.
    the newest one is 5.00M33-4, it's good i guess.
    I'm still on 4.01M33 till i really see a good updated CFW but thats just me...

    okay here's a run down.

    Easy-To-Use Pandora's Battery Guide

    Rain's Simple Memstick Maker v1.0

    How to: Browse all files in flash 0

    How To Install Emulators

    PSP Mod Dictionary

    Tips For The First Time PSP Owner

    Converting Video for the PSP

    Thats about all i can think of at the moment or atleast that will get you started,
    if you have any more questions plz just PM or press the search button before you start posting "How to" and "What is".

    Happy Holidays!

    Refresh for more Sigs

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    Welcome to
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