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  1. #1 Hello from another modding newbie. 
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    Hi all

    Just bought a white slim PSP for my boy for xmas. and am interested in modding it.

    A mate of mine told me about this site, so thought i would join
    I have heard about things like Homebrew and pandora batterys but they dont mean a thing to me so i am on here to learn and get the most out of the PSP

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    thatll explain how to hardmod your pandora.if you need an indepth guide to useing rains mms maker to make the mms you can click the first link on my signature.
    you could also just buy a tool/pandora battery from or another site,or go to whitch offers tool batteries and the service tool devices.if you need any more help,me or someone else would be glad to assist you
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    Welcome to PSP Mod. You'll be able find out how to do things here. Helps a lot to both newbie and experienced hacker.
    OFW > 3.71 M33-2 > 4.01 M33 > 4.01 M33-2 > 5.00 M33 > 5.00 M33-3 > 5.00 M33-4

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    Welcome and remember all ways use google lolz

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    Hi scooby ju i'm with you here but i know from just a night spent on this that there are alot of people that can help here they live ,eat,sleep,breathe psp modding so im sorry i cant help you at this point im still learning a;lot myself but be paitient it will all make sense eventually HAPPY MODDING
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    Welcome To PSP Mod!!!

    If You Have Any Questions - Just Ask
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    Hello and welcome to pspmod !!!!
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