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    Hello I'm sorta new to site i was searching on the net on day after a coworker bricked my system trying to do a mod on it and found this site witch offered alot of help my first post were on the chat board. Since i Joined i have my Psp Fixed and Modded and have gotten my wife's psp modded as well.

    I would love to learn how to do hard mods as well. One crazy idea i have was adding Blue tooth to the Psp but i'm afraid its going to kill the battery fast...

    I look forward to everything i can learn and contribute to and from this site.
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    I hope you learn a lot and share your knowledge once it's learned. we need more people that are smarter than I am.
    Quote Originally Posted by Demonslash View Post
    Found a setting that makes Donkey Kong Country work fullspeed with NO frameskip!

    Go to Hack/Debug Menu, then turn ON Ignore palette writes.

    This makes it work 100% from what I can tell on a game that laged a lot before so. I have no tried this on other games yet.
    list of error codes for the psp and what they mean

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    bluetooth is doable but not pratical you will need someone to put BT support into the firmware for you and a way to have that work across game/apps
    but it can be done and it won't kill your battery too fast. oh and you will need to have a driver made for the BT dongle you put into the psp as well. compaired to some of the proposed mods i have seen around here lately yours is pretty pratical
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    well welcome to you
    glad to hear you got your PSP unbricked
    and modded another as well
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    Welcome to the site if you need help ill try to help you with whatever questions you may have and if i can solve em or not.
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