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    Hello. I'm obviously new here, but I've spent the time to read through a few guides and am just looking for some clarification on a few areas. First off, I've bought a Gamestop Refurbished Phat PSP a few days ago, and noticed that it was version 3.80. I know that I'll need a Pandora's battery to downgrade it, and I'm currently in the process of making one. A few things have been on my mind.

    1. Where can I buy a new PSP battery (other than online)? I checked on the website and they don't seem to sell them.

    2. I've heard that Time Machine can restore my Pandora's battery back to normal if I borrow a friend's battery, but I'm not too sure as to whether it's for the Phat PSP or just for the slim.

    3. This one's hard to explain, but do the shop employees ever give you trouble for buying a spare battery or two? I'm sure they're all aware of a few of the activities that come with Pandora's battery.

    Thanks for all your help in advance!
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    welcome. and if you spam here I swear I'll tear a hole in your throat and shit down your neck hole... so don't spam... anyway.. enjoy your stay here at

    we all welcome you with a warm fuzzy feeling that tingle from your toes up to your nose.

    and you can buy what you need at PSPMOD Shop it's a link at the top of this website... fact... I'll put then link in this post

    there you go. enjoy

    also. you can buy all you want. it will help this website out. and also it's free shipping world wide so don't worry about that even.

    I don't know anything about slims. so ask mr. owl

    PS. I edited this post so read it again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonslash View Post
    Found a setting that makes Donkey Kong Country work fullspeed with NO frameskip!

    Go to Hack/Debug Menu, then turn ON Ignore palette writes.

    This makes it work 100% from what I can tell on a game that laged a lot before so. I have no tried this on other games yet.
    list of error codes for the psp and what they mean

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    Hello and welcome to pspmod !!!!
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    welcome to pspmod hope you enjoy your stay
    Great sig made by Major zero
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