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  1. #1 yo all ! I just joined in :D 
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    Hi everyone, i just got my psp a few days ago, and already screwed up some firmware stuff, but i managed to revert back to CFW anyway.

    I have a question, are there any applications that can be added to PSPs with custom firmware. If there are could anyone list some down so i could try them out haha..

    thanks all have a nice day !
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    Have a look around the PSP download section of this website:

    QuickJump Downloads- -

    Tons of apps/games/homebrew/emulators on there.
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    yeah there are tons and tons. deppends on what you're looking for... actually not tons... because it all is weightless code. so.... a lot


    edit: you could also go to PSP Hacks · PSP Homebrew, PSP Downloads, PSP Mods

    it's a great site just don't mistake it for PSP Hacks - Home because this is a scam sight that is a misspelled legit site... so ... make sure you realize if you're on the correct ones or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonslash View Post
    Found a setting that makes Donkey Kong Country work fullspeed with NO frameskip!

    Go to Hack/Debug Menu, then turn ON Ignore palette writes.

    This makes it work 100% from what I can tell on a game that laged a lot before so. I have no tried this on other games yet.
    list of error codes for the psp and what they mean

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    Hello and welcome to pspmod, if you need any help pm me and check my forum in my sig
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    welcome, and if u need any help just post it , u can downlaod homebrew apps at
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    The link Killer provided is excellent
    PSN: Lasraik
    PC/Console Gamer Community Forum:
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