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    Hi 2 all,

    I´ve a fat psp, with CFM 3.90, with a lot of emulators, homebrews and MOD´s. I never thought having a psp will bring a ton of possibilities to expand the fun. I will never change this machine until something really good kills the wonder of the psp. The only thing missing on the psp is to have it as thin as the mac air. then this will be the most beautiful piece of art ever created.

    cheers for all the brains behind all the emulators and mods, w/o them this machine will not be so amazing as it is right now.

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    welcome to pspmod
    Great sig made by Major zero
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    Welcome to PSPMod. It doesn't matter what your nationality is. Everyone is welcome here. (Unless they break the rules and are annoying of course. x-D)
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