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    Hi everyone, I am the Dad of twin 10 year olds. I purchased PSP's for xmas for them. I new the 3001 could not be modded but had no idea the 2001 ver 4.01 could not be modded. So I bought the 2001 the kids opened as well as the free games and played xmas day. Even downloaded movies that they watched. Wonderful system. Next day took to my modder to mod and was informed they could not mod these yet. Now stuck paying through the nose for legit games. Does anyone have any idea when these might be moddable? Hopefully soooooon. There is a thread on PSPISO that says a mod may actually have been found the last couple of days. Anyone here confirm or deny?

    Great site thanks.
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    You will be lucky to get any help from most here, when you mention piracy. Anyway, since I am new to this, I cannot help ATM either....
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    Hello and welcome to pspmod,

    The psp is not hackable, yet but it will be soon, hopefully, the only thing you could do is take it back and get different version.
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    welcome to pspmod i think you are talking about the mobo it wasnt hacked it was a fake i presume
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