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    I just recently bought a PSP and I want to mod it. I went to a place to mod it but they said the "newer" 2000 models can not be modified.

    From previous threads, I think I'm pretty sure that the people were wrong and that the 4.01 firmware can be modded.

    The problem is, I have looked around everywhere on the net and can't find a full tutorial on how to mod the 4.01. I don't want links to other threads that explain how to mod PSP. I'd be really grateful if somebody can just explain it all in one reply.

    -the hard mod
    -the MMS
    -the final thing with the pandora battery and mms, where you hold the L button or something

    ok thx u
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    ok well the place was wrong. only the psp 3000 cant be modded. hardmod is when u personally make a pandora battery by opening it up. the mms is a formatted memory stick with special files on it. u can make one with RainsUltraLiteMMS. the final thing ur talking about is when u try to install the cfw. put in the mms and hold the left trigger and put in the pandora battery. a screen will come up and select install the firmware.
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