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    Plain and simple, can PSP 2000 4.01 be modded( we can download isos and whatnot)?
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    I'm quite sure it can.
    Maxthemonkey stop insulting me.
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    what is it with all the killer names on this forum. you can tell you're not a real killer because if you were... you'd make a shitty name like mine. that has no violence in it at all. because you don't want people thinking in anway that you would be willing to do anything... so in a way... by putting killer. it's like advertising you wouldn't ever... and my name is like advertising I would.... so maybe... to true deffecne is to hide under the name killer.... a double negative... I could never be found there.


    speaking of that. I just went to search advanced and typed in kill. ... OH WOW... hahhaha kind of racist (the drop down of suggestions)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonslash View Post
    Found a setting that makes Donkey Kong Country work fullspeed with NO frameskip!

    Go to Hack/Debug Menu, then turn ON Ignore palette writes.

    This makes it work 100% from what I can tell on a game that laged a lot before so. I have no tried this on other games yet.
    list of error codes for the psp and what they mean

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    somebody please kill me
    I really want to die
    as much as I wish to die,
    I will always make sure to keep myself alive
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