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    hey guys, glad to be a part of your community. Pretty new to the whole psp craze. My girl bough me one for christmas and it has been sitting there. I only got 2 games for it. star wars and some other i dont know lol. hopefully i could find out how to pimp out my psp. maybe you guys can show me, as talking to other ppl they have said you can add movies and all types of games to ur psp. Can anyone give me some idea on what can be done to the psp and maybe some links as well please? thanks guys
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    2,079 <<<best link ANY one can give u <<a good website too. Gives you 24/7, daily news, about the PSP <<same as but different

    First questions..whats your Firmware?If you don't know how to the manuel
    3 things you should do now that you are part of this forum

    1)SEARCH before posting questions
    2)READ the stickeys. They have VERY informative stuff i'm sure you have questions about
    3)DON't double post..very bad.

    other than that..welcome to the forums

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
    "Live life to the fullest"
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    Welcome to the Forum

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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Screen names
    NFS Carbon Own the city:SENNINKAI
    Games that im playing
    Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Ciomplex
    Smart Bomb

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    HATE THESE FCKNG NOOBS. jus kidding...Sup!

    One day I saw this dude on his laptop and he was on and I asked him what his username was and he said ÃÆâ€℠â₠”*$#%... and I thought to myself WAIT...he was talkN shit on the forum. What did I do u ask?...Read My Motto...

    Motto: When you see somebody you dont give a FUCK for...Dont wrap them up FUCK them up!
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